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Hi I'm Dyl :) they/them

I've been making and regularly performing music since I was 14. I released my first ever single "Mango" under the name Dyl Cosmo at the beginning of 2020 (o__o) and have since been slowly but surely releasing as much of my music as I can bare to let go.

I spent 6 years studying at Northbrook College where I acquired a 1st class
 music production BA degree, and 2 diplomas in both music performance and production.

I am currently the sole writer, performer and producer on all my records, and the only member of the Dyl Cosmo Music Company. From which I release my music under my own label, and offer virtual music production and performance services, such as mixing and mastering, arrangement, instrument recording and composition.

I grew up listening to pretty much anything my Mum put on her iPod: there was Folk, Soul, Funk, Metal, Dubstep, EDM, Pop, Hip Hop... But when I started learning how to play instruments in high school, I started delving into Jazz, Jazz-Fusion, Blues, Neo-Soul, R&B and even Progressive Metal, through all of which I discovered my love for using complex musical ideas, not just for the sake of complexity, but as dynamic tools, used in tandem with traditional songwriting tropes, to move the listener in and out of their comfort zone, and take them on a journey.

However, as a result of my wide listening roots, the music I make seems to be ever evolving through whatever genres I'm enjoying listening to most at any time.

If I try really really hard, the closest thing to a genre
 that I can come up with for my music would be Dreamy Jazzy White-Kid Soul-Pop.

The world is a terrifying and confusing place at the moment. I want my songs to do, for who ever listens, what so many songs have done for me in the past, which is to use rhythm,
 harmony, poetry and sound to show us new worlds and feelings by tapping into our inner, child-like emotions and reminding us how lucky we are to exist.

mandatory bragging


okay bye

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